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according to statistics from the China index Academy in early December were monitored in 35 cities, urban property market turnover fell 27, decline in trading volume in the 13 cities of more than 50%, which compared with the sharpest of Guiyang, 74.09%. Secondly, Bengbu, compared with a decline of 72.1%. Beijing compared with a slight rise in key cities and other cities fell. Tianjin declined the most, by 67.2%, Hangzhou (Xiaoshan, Yuhang is not included) per cent decline in excess of 60%. From the monitoring situation, Decliners in trading volume without exception are two or three lines of the city.

this round real estate regulation have achieved initial victory has been without a doubt is how to consolidate control, how to contain malignant bounce became priorities need to be considered at this stage.

Director of the national development and Reform Commission Zhang Ping said on 16th next year development and reform of the system and other relevant departments to implement "Twelve-Five" housing security planning, to promote construction of affordable housing projects. Ping also said that next year to consolidate and expand the real estate market, continue to enforce policies and measures to curb speculation, investment needs, encourage support for small size, low-priced commodity housing construction, promote the healthy development of the real estate market. Zhang Ping said that to improve the real estate price regulation, study of commodity housing anti-profiteering provisions.

Sun pointed out that real estate is not lucrative industry, there is no need to question this analysis. See list of China's rich list, almost all about real estate. In addition, many outsiders vying to enter the real estate, but also because real estate profits are high, industry is much higher than they had done before.

developed anti-profiteering measures need first understand real estate industry of cost constitute, but due to real estate developers of took to time has must differences, its integrated cost not has compared sex, this on caused anti-profiteering measures of developed exists difficult; in implementation aspects, due to cost factors exists uncertainty, and real estate industry of price developed has must of random, led to implementation surface to full cover, regulatory channel lack decided with anti-profiteering measures need take special of means. For example: a unified cost projections, gross margin limit means.

Finally, Lin also pointed out that working in the home improvement network, high house prices is not only caused by developers seeking exorbitant profits, high land prices in fact should not be ignored. Therefore, in order to stabilize prices, easier to control and more urgent need to instead land links of governance, completely change the high bidder status. Land-value rationality, is the prerequisite for housing prices to a rational.

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