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Siemens launches intelligent, low-carbon green multi-function dishwasher

now, with Yantai's rapid economic development, people's living standards improved significantly. In Yantai, in many families the dishwasher is already very common small kitchen appliances.

     Yantai decorative mesh small series of understanding Siemens recently withdrew a versatile dishwasher. It is worth mentioning that, the dishwasher may have removed colibacillus, Golden staph, Candida albicans and other harmful bacteria, according to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of chemical technology testing, sterilization rate of 99%. Do wash at the same time, more intelligent and low carbon and environmental protection. Jinan furniture does the detailed introduction

     It is understood that the Siemens dishwasher interior design of multilayer sprinkling systems, each dishwashing baskets over more than 120 mbar pressure washing the dishes, like the more than more than 10 hands simultaneously with 1 kg of scrubbing dishes, for up to 2 hours or so the entire wash and dry process, ensure washing clean and sanitary. And it can accommodate around more than 100 pieces of vessels, can meet the needs of family of washing. And Siemens dishwasher has water-saving and environmental protection.

     drying, on the last round in the rinse cycle, Siemens dishwasher rinse when the surplus heat in confined conditions, condensation drier all drying and polishing cutlery, dry scrape off. In addition, it also has a strong drying capability, not easy dishes of dried material, such as plastic, with rising temperatures and longer drying time, the tableware drying thoroughly, is the clear choice of decoration companies.

     in terms of bacteria, Siemens dishwasher take strength of 70 ℃ washed and ECO50 procedures, sterilization effects are very good. Siemens in the realization of washing, drying and sterilization the Trinity while also designed a lot of additional features full of humanity, make consumers ' lives more convenient and easy.


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