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Fly yusimaier home development

Cabinet of Yantai City consumer market developed rapidly in recent years, many outstanding brands in the field have been stationed in the city's largest home shopping malls, and continued to emerge. However, with forests of strong local brand cabinets did not fall, still has a larger market share, and with its price advantage, as well as the growing focus on quality and service and upgrade development are thriving. Among these, the flying yusimaier is a typical representative.  

according to the Yantai decorative net reporter, flying yusimaier homes limited has more than 10 years of history, has a team that specializes in household products are mainly sold to Yantai and Weihai and the surrounding cities of county level, including seven proprietary store in Yantai area, with a total area of more than 2000 square meters. At present, the flying yusimaier has become the jiaodong well-known household brands, brand reputation in the rapid ascent. Minorities in the city to carry out assembly-line production in local domestic companies, flying yusi Meyer have their own factories, with Germany a full set of production equipment, for instance, as well as professional designers and construction personnel, products using the green sheet and famous brands of hardware components, these are first-rate home for fly yusimaier to build local brands to provide a strong support.

fly yusimaier to "Blum" hinge "lushuihe" plates to create cabinets are recognized by many people, orders, and factories produced more than 20 sets of almost every cabinet, sent to the various halls in Yantai and Weihai. In addition to producing outside of the whole Cabinet, fly yusimaier also operates furnishings furniture such as wardrobes, Office furniture, is the city's designated procurement units of hospitals, banks, hotels, while products are also exported to the Middle East. Due to product quality, flight yusimaier with customers at home and abroad to establish long-term relations of cooperation.

stationed in the city's reuzo piano, Berlin family of leading brands such as kitchen cabinets to modern life experience was presented in the form of a kitchen cabinet style, demonstrate various styles of Cabinet features the convenience of high quality kitchen living, so that consumers can easily feel cabinets culture. Local furniture companies are scattered, small scale, lack of the development, production and marketing systems, resulting in blurry brand positioning, product homogeneity and a series of questions. In this regard, the flying yusimaier in the cabinets the same quality assurance and brand at the same time, pay more attention to cost and practicality, and to customize the overall home enter, whether modern, Jian Ou, Chinese or pure European style, can fly home Empire yusimaier found the perfect interpretation.

fly yusimaier, General Manager of home to the decorative mesh of Yantai said Liang Zhiyong, the lack of professional furniture designers, as well as perfecting the related supporting industries is also key reasons constraining the development of a local furniture manufacturing. Said Liang Zhiyong, furniture manufacturing has shifted from traditional manual production, under the new competitive landscape, the city furniture without industrialization, intensive, matching system to build, will be unable to compete with neighboring provinces, not truly stepped out of Yantai, into the world.


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