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Yantai decoration choice housing trends

people buy or rent houses, in addition to the cost-conscious and living environment supporting factors, is also very concerned about whether they find a good Feng Shui House. Feng Shui term commonly used for "promoted JI to avoid fierce": "urged Kyrgyzstan" is an artificial human environment health and fortune elements to expand, enhance and living people to health and fortune has the negative effect of environmental factors to reduce, or suppressed as "avoid fierce." Yantai decoration professionals believe that when choosing a residential units, there are five major "avoid evil" elements to note:  

1,   exclusive "burning heart": refers to the central location of the House to the kitchen. Five line of fire in the kitchen, leading to Yang sheng, live on human health.

2,   exclusive "water and soil": refers to the central location of the House bathrooms. Toilet for the five elements of "dirty water", will lead to excess of yin, will affect living people's finances.

3,   avoid dark closet. Windows of the bathroom in the House if there is no ventilation, exhaust fan to replace the angry alone, not only to the living person's health would be affected, and can affect the live of people's relationships and marriage luck.

4,   avoid houses irregular. Were polygonal or narrow corridor-shaped House is one important taboo on residential fengshui. Feng Shui is fastidious nature, with "round" for the law, founder of housing benefit over absorbed the Quartet of rustic, and irregular in shape, affecting over career and personal transport.

5,   avoid noxious gas infection. Bathroom located in front of housing, namely, residential entrance, toilet as "noxious gas", and introduction to residential location for residential intake throat, throat gas field from noxious gas attacks, affects the Yantai over money.


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