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Water-saving toilet that is identified is not the only standard

many owners when buying a toilet, the sole criterion for selection of toilet water. In fact, to identify the standard not only for toilet water this standard. Today, the Yantai teachers for the General decoration of the decorated network owners summed up some standards for selected toilet:

    1, we could use a hand touching the toilet surface, if there is no rough feel and texture of the glaze and the body are very delicate, this indicates that the quality of the toilet is better. If the toilet is low, its surface glaze and green experience quite rough, pale, will find a small hole in the light exposure.  

    2, luxury toilet because of firing temperatures are high, meet the requirements of all-ceramic, so fixed will feel heavy in the hand. Affordable toilet low firing temperature, and time is short, so does not meet the requirements of all-ceramic.  

    3, high-temperature firing toilet low water absorption, and therefore not easy to breathe in water, odor. Affordable toilet high water absorption when absorption into the sewage is easy after an unpleasant smell, and difficult to clean. Over time, cracks and leakage phenomenon. When selected, you can gently tap the toilet, if struck, husky voice, sonorous does not, then the toilet is likely to implode, or product is not cooked.  

    4, Yantai when owners in the selection of decoration, but also reached into the toilet dirty mouth, touch is smooth. If you feel rough that could not glazed, so the toilet leaks. Toilet gaskets should be made of rubber or plastic foam, the gasket elasticity, good sealing performance.  

    5, Yantai and renovation network of teachers who believe that the pipeline design is scientific and rational effect on the flushing of the toilet is very large. Normally, first try on before you buy toilet flush. In the case of less than or equal to six litres of water, washed three times with water, toilets average at least five water table tennis can be rushed out.


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