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Yantai decorating expert teaches you how to look at a sample room

Yantai is decorate Web designers to find the following some points for attention on houses look like, hoping to bring help to the owners:    

    , select their own model   to what you want;

     If you requested is 80,000 yuan in modern minimalist style decoration, then there is no need to visit the European classic decoration of 200,000 yuan. Decoration companies often provide very high-end model for you is but your into their orbit: we grade is very high, so we pay less.  

     second, the sample room design  

     visit overview model house owners, combined with their sample room design meets the requirements of owners. If you are a middle-aged couple, Yantai decoration kitchen designed open kitchen, can certainly decorate company for building owners to consider the less good. Can also see the bathroom, whether there is enough room for towels, convenient use, the exhaust is unobstructed.

     three, decorating details   

     do not understand construction no matter, choose common thorn can be. People who understand the construction of large surface essentially eyes flashed, and the details are looking very carefully, it's no wonder, where small details do   well, don't have to worry about the obvious place to do well. You can paint on the door and hinge it carefully? Door line side made the paint? The yin and Yang of the wall angle is a straight line, rather than a dragon? Open all cabinet doors and drawers and see if there's Burr, laminates, and the dense vertical plates are joined?  

     four, watching the construction  

      decoration can be seen in their construction and management level. Garbage bags? Is there a site code? Strangers on the site? Dress uniform? Does the site clean and tidy? Building materials are jumbled mess? Smoking is in the bucket? Make the finished product is ready to protect work? Tools, good construction teams with good tools, after all, good tools can improve the quality and speed of construction. See woodworking plane style is enough? Is there a curve saws, trimmers, etc? Toolkit also indicates that level, but not necessarily. Cantonese people carrying suitcases, haimen, carrying a wooden box, from Anhui Province, back sacks.  

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