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Dining room design

Dining room design

functional and aesthetic source collection is art, art exhibition space is the most important issue in the present case.

     Yantai decorator will be full of nostalgic feeling mellow colour with modern techniques coming back into use, harvest under the historical accumulation of beauty, the most valuable part of the tradition, and return to the fresh and natural in real life.

     the original building structures, the stairs are arranged in a corner living room, Yantai decoration owners if the rotating staircase connecting two spaces in the form of, well, he will occupy the living room a lot of space and make the living room look narrow, tight and does not embody the integrity of double floor space. Taking this into account, Yantai decorator boldly removed the stairs, change the overall layout of the living room, the living room area, and destroyed the original bedroom to dining room, make the restaurant even more reasonable, more spacious Visual space and smooth.

     in addition, Yantai bold decoration designers used marble, new materials such as glass, stainless steel, fully embodies the distinctive combination of modern and classical themes.


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